Work experiences

Work experiences

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2018 – until now: Freelance energy advisor

Engineering and advisory servises according to clients need in power engineering.

2013 – 2018: Deloitte Advisory (senior consultant, project manager, subject matter expert)

Delivery of projects related to operation and maintenance of power plants in order to track operational parameters and manage operational and maintenance costs.  Data analyses within client Asset Suite 8 system (Ventyx).

Analysis of power plant equipment classification registry using the AKZ/KKS/RDS-PP classification schemes and proposal new rules for classification. Classification implementation. Proposal of classification schemes for materials (incl. spare parts) and services used in energy companies.

Proposal of classification scheme based of modified KKS system scheme for mining equipment to monitor mining equipment performance.

Preparation of environment and proposal of indicators for monitoring of the operational and costs performance of power plant. Data preparation, realization of dashboard in MS Power BI tool.

Proposal of early warning system solution concept. Management of expert analytical team, technical Subject matter expert. Leader of measured data analysis using statistical methods. Proposal of the failures detect algorithms, testing of detection algorithms.  

Elaboration of technical assessment of technology for the needs of a potential purchaser of shares in energy companies. Assessment of the technology state, legislative requirements, availability of fuel, contractual provision of inputs and outputs, OPEX, CAPEX, strategic perspective.

IT support for energy companies in the area of operation and maintenance. Analysis of business processes, design of IT support concept. Preparation of functional specifications of IT solution. Cooperation with IT team on implementation solution, implementation testing.

Implementation of optimization system for power plant operation (BoFit). Client support during the whole project lifecycle: market analysis, tender documentation (leader of preparation), bids evaluation, blue print preparation, data model implementation (leader of data model team), preparation of testing tool, testing (leader).

2007 – 2013: Euroenergy (consultant, senior consultant)

Assessment of technical, contractual, public-law documentation in preparation of energy sources for financing institutions in order to assess projects technical and economic feasibility.

Inspections during renewables construction on site for financing institutions. Comparing of works progress with approved schedule and financing schedule. Checking of material deliveries. Inspection of performed works and supplied materials as a base for credit use. Certification of supplier invoicing.

Elaboration of studies in the preparation phase of the big energy investment projects (CCGTs, coal, nuclear, renewables). Market analysis, prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies to prove feasibility of the client planned investment projects form the technical, management, schedule, delivery system, legal environment (e.g. construction act, nuclear act, energy act), financing and economic point of view.

Technical – economic studies to prove technical and economic performance of power plants. Studies to prove feasibilities of operation regimes. Cost analyses of power and CHP plants.

Connection of power sources into virtual dispatches.

Preparation of strategic and conceptual documents for energy companies (state companies included) for the required period. Proposal of options for companies development according to client strategic need (incl. development and impact of parameters of the energy market, legislation and other global and local environment parameters).

Preparation of analyses of EU legislation impact on the state level, e.g. assessment of impact of the Directive 2010/75/EU on development of state power capacities.

Conceptual solution of energy sources according to the customer's request. Legislative environment, technical solution, construction site, preparation and implementation schedule, project management, economic analysis, project engineering support (network connection, availability of fuel, etc.).

2006 – 2007: Škodaexport (project engineer)

Proposal of technical concepts of power plants according to client assignment. Technical calculation of main power plants technical features. Preparation of technical inquiries for suppliers of the main technological systems (boilers, turbines, mills, cooling, etc.). Presentation of power plant concept to the client, negotiation of solution with client engineering advisors (on site).

2001 – 2006: Brno university of technology (fellow)

Research on molten salt reactor technology for processing of nuclear spent fuel. Lectures on nuclear energy technology, nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel and safety.