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AREAConcepts of power plants

Conceptual solution of energy sources according to the customer's request. Legislative environment, technical solution, building site, preparation and implementation schedule, project management, economic analysis, project bonds (network connection, availability of fuel, etc.).

Concepts of power plants

Concept of coal power plant in Tenughat, India (Tenughat Vidyut Nigam ltd.)

  • Comments for boiler island for a coal-fired power source and negotiation with suppliers
  • Optimization of the technology according to the client's requirements
  • Adjustment of inquiry specifications for the boiler island

Concept of coal power plant in Alibagh, Indie (Patni Energy ltd.)

  • Design of technology for a 125 MW power plant with a fluid boiler
  • Preparing the technical section for the power plant offer
  • Discussing the offer with the client's consultant (India, 2007)

Concept of coal power plant in Rio Turbio, Argentina (Ministerio de Planificación Federal)

  • Design of a technological solution for a 120 MW power plant
  • Preparation of the technological part of the boiler and turbine island supply of the 120 MW power plant with heat supply including inquiry specifications

Concept of a new coal power plant in Hrabák locality (Czech Coal, a.s.)

  • Managing the preparation of a conceptual study of the new coal resource
  • Planning activities and coordinating the project team
  • Design of a conceptual solution to the project
  • Investor engineering support