Reference projects

AREAInformation techology

IT support for energy companies in the area of operation and maintenance. Analysis of business processes, design of support concept, preparation of functional specifications of IT support of business processes, cooperation with IT team on implementation solution, testing of implementation.

Information techology

Tender documentation for a system for optimizing the operation of power plants (ČEZ, a.s.)

  • Proposal of documentation structure
  • Management of project teams during the preparation of the documentation (business part)
  • Workshop management
  • Evaluating the progress of the dossier work
  • Elaboration of documentation chapters
  • Managing and evaluating the reminders process
  • Developing conditions for evaluating the delivered solution

Data consolidation in Ventyx Asset Suite (ČEZ, a.s.)

  • Analysis of current data status in Ventyx AS 8
  • Analysis of work orders and material requests for the period 2010 - 2015 at selected power plants
  • Prepare a list of devices and their corresponding materials
  • Identification of 5 critical devices (project positions) including their drives
  • Validation and agreement of selected list of critical devices with POZ
  • Collection of technical parameters and summary of components to individual devices (spare parts)
  • Data preparation and import into AS 8

Design a tool for testing of optimization SW (ČEZ, a.s.)

  • Work management
  • Analysis of the tested data model for the BoFiT optimization system
  • Analysis of open issues arising during implementation
  • Controlling open issues into the model
  • Development of the functional specification for the test tool (VBA for Excel)
  • Tool testing

Classification and harmonization of master data for tangible assets, materials, spare parts and services (Elektroprivreda Srbije)

  • Benchmark of classification systems for energy industry
  • Analysis of the status of used classification systems for equipment, services and materials in the company including their IT support (mines, power stations, distribution)
  • Workshops with client representatives (on site)
  • Proposal for alternatives to the solution (AKZ, KKS, RDS-PP), negotiation of variants with the client
  • Developing the concept of classifications chosen by the client
  • Data consolidation at group level for materials and services
  • Design of mining equipment classification systems (technical and financial)