I provide my clients with engineering and analytical services in energy sector in the following areas:

Training activities focused in energy sector

Training focused on technology and processes within energy sector.

Proposal of energy sources concepts

Conceptual solution of energy sources according to the customer's request. Legislative environment, technical solution, building site, preparation and implementation schedule, project management, economic analysis, project bonds (network connection, availability of fuel, etc.).

Engineering activities in preparation of energy sources

Analysis of technical, contractual and public law documentation in preparation of energy source for financing institutions. Proposal of projects conceptual solution. Negotiation with public institutions.

Energy legislation

Application of legislation related to preparation, construction and operation of energy sources (construction act, nuclear act, construction act, BAT, etc.).

Energy market

Rules of electricity and gas markets, energy law, etc.

Analyses in operation and maintenance of energy sources aimed on optimization

Analytical activities connected with operation and maintenance of power plants in order to track operational parameters and manage maintenance costs.

Supervision in renewables realisation for financing institutions

Inspection of the photovoltaic realization progress for financing institutions. Inspection of works performed on site. Comparing of works progress with approved schedule. Inspection of performed works and supplied materials as a base for invoicing. Invoicing certification for financing institutions.

Conceptual designs of energy solutions and their detailed development

Proposal of conceptual approach for solution of given problem and its consultation with client. Development of approved concept into detailed solution steps.

Management of project works, project team

Planning of activities, work management, outcomes supervision, reporting.

Technical-economic analyses

Cost analysis, operational analysis, energy balances, maintenance analysis.

Technical due diligence

Elaboration of technical assessment of technology for the needs of a potential purchaser of shares in energy companies.

Analysis of business processes within energy companies and their support by IT solutions

IT support for energy companies in the area of operation and maintenance. Analysis of business processes, design of support concept, preparation of functional specifications of IT support of business processes, cooperation with IT team on implementation solution, testing of implementation.

Classification of equipment, materials and services

Benchmark of classification systems for energy industry.  As-IS analysis of used classification systems. Proposal of To-Be classification structure. Proposal of To-Be options. Implementation of a new classification systems.

And more according to clients need.