Reference projects

AREATechnical – economic studies


Technical – economic studies

Cost analysis of Otrokovice CHP (Teplárna Otrokovice, a.s.)

  • Energy balance of the CHP
  • Split of costs for individual energy commodities
  • Calculation of limit prices
  • Sensitivity analyzes (fuel, personnel costs, maintenance)

Operating modes of the new CCGT in Planá nad Lužnicí (AES Bohemia, s.r.o.)

  • Preparation of a technical model describing the steam technology envisaged for the AES Bohemia heating plant
  • Calculation of operational parameters, support for economic evaluation

Analysis of discounts for the purchase of boilers for a power plant Prunéřov II (Škoda Praha Invest, s.r.o.)

  • Analysis of the contractual provision of the project
  • Analysis of project technology solutions and price specifications
  • Analysis of technological differences in ETU and EPR solutions
  • ETU and EPR pricing analysis, discount proposal

Energy balance analysis of the PKN Orlen (PKN Orlen)

  • Energy balance of individual companies PKN Orlen (Heat and Power)
  • Analyzing the links of individual commodities to determine free power for energy trading